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Vera Wang + Davids Bridal = I’m going to cry from happiness!

Sooo, if you’ve ever seen Vera Wang’s wedding dresses, they are the most gorgeous articles of clothing in existence. I love love love them. But of course they run about $5000 to $25000 on average, so they are waaaaay out of my cost range.

I was at David’s Bridal about a month ago, I had picked out a dress I fell in love with, but the problem is that my boyfriend and I probably have another two years before the big day. So I was asking the lady how long she thought the collection would last and she revealed a secret to me that I am going to share with the tumblr community - Vera Wang is signing on with David’s Bridal to do a less expensive line (Yes!!!)

This is not super new news, they announced it back in April I believe, but its been kept kind of under the radar, so I wanted to bring it into light for all the brides out there looking for a dress (although they don’t come out until Spring 2011). They are all going to be priced under $1500 (Eee!)

If you didn’t know already, get excited!

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